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HomeLink International is an organisation to exchange homes between partners all over the world. There are some international principles for a sucessful Homelink exchange. You can read in the HomeLink catalogue and on the homepage

1. Our family

Paul (*1948), teacher hist.,languages (Anita *1949 - +2021 social worker )
Our sons are not coming in our holidays: (Stefan (*1977) teacher math.), (Daniel (*1979) teacher) We are experienced exchangers: holidays in Moscou, Peking, Bali, Bukarest, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Scranton, New York, Hongkong, Bangkok, Istanbul, Kairo, Jerusalem, Phuket, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Edinburgh, London, Cardiff, Island ,Croatia, Japan( 2005):Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Mexiko (2013)
we have made exchanges in 1993 Florida (USA), Winter 1994 Kufstein (Austria) Summer 1994 Canada (Montreal), October 1997 Cape Town (South Africa), Summer 1999 Chattanooga (USA), August 2000 Calgary (Canada), August 2001 Lafayette, Indiana, Chattanooga (USA), Florida (2002) and Salt Lake City,Jackson Hole Wyoming (2002), Mosbach 2002(Germany), Florida (2003), Seattle, Vancouver (2003)Sanibel Island , Fort Myers (2004) Annapolis, Washington D.C. (2004), Sanibel Island, Tampa, St.Petersburg (2005), Jisselstein, Amsterdam (summer 2005), Sanibel Island, Fort Myers Beach, Naples (2006), Annapolis (2006), Antwerpen (2006), Sanibel Island, Sarasota (2007), Annopolis (2007), Dresden (2007), Cape Cod (2007), Sanibel Island (2008),Fort Myers/ Sanibel Island (2009), Salt Lake City (summer 2009), Philadelphia (2009), Australien Noosa, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney(2010), Sanibel Island, USA (2011), Poland (2011), Annapolis (2011), Sanibel Island (2012), Cape Cod (2012), Mexiko/Sanibel Island (2013), Meran Italy (2013), Isselstein (Netherland), Bruxelles (Belges 2013), Venice, Padua Italy (2014), Meran Italy (2014), Charlotte, Chattanooga, Asheville US (2014), Florida, Milano, Malta (2015), Florida, Vannes Bretagne, Ornan FR, Vernen BC Canada (2016), Venedig, Sanibel Island Florida, Como (It), Köln (D), Burgund (F), Valencia (E)(2017), Irland, Lourdes (F), Vasto (It)(2018), Bologna, Legoland (D), Donauschiff Passau, Wien, Bratislava, Japan, Marseille, Barcelona, Teneriffa, Brasilien (2019)no exchanges 2020/2021 because corona (2020)
Key West 2004
Schwandnerhof Säntis 2004

2. Dates of Exchange
. spring
· summer
· automn
it is our holiday home: you can come earlier or stay longer than we can

Our golden home exchanger wedding couple:
The fourth time in Schwanden with the celebration of the Golden Wedding
3. Our home in Schwanden
(Our home in Schwanden, dining-room, attic-room, street )

5km in the south of Glarus
· it has 4 rooms: 2 bedrooms with 4 beds, an attic-room with 2 beds, 1 dining-room with a tiled stove, shower, new kitchen, microwave oven, clothes-washer, television, video cassette recorder; heated with wood or electricity; a little garden to sit outside
· the railway-station is 5 minutes by foot
4. Schwanden (Winter in Schwanden/Braunwald)

· Schwanden is a little town with about 2600 inhabitants
· Altitude is 530m above sea level
· The next larger town is Glarus, about 5km away
  • Next of Schwanden: Glarus
  • http://tourismus Switzerland
    · Zürich, the largest city in Switzerland is about 80km away,
    in the north, also the international airport Zürich-Kloten
    · Around Schwanden you see mountains 2000-3000m above sea level
    · Swimming-pool, tennis, restaurants, shops, skiing in the winter is very near
    · The temperature in summer is about 20-30° Celsius

    5. Excursions:
    · The public traffic with trains, buses and mountain-railways is very good
    · Walking/hiking, mountain-climbing is very near
    · Lake of Zürich: 30 km for swimming, navigation, sailing and rowing
    · Museums, castles, zoos, alpamare Pfäffikon, mines, theatres, cinemas are near
    · Snow-mountains (for example by Zermatt 4000m above sea level) in summer are 120km away
    - Lugano (220 km), Milano/I (270 km), Munich/GER (300 km), Salzburg/AUS (320 km), Paris/F (600 km)

    Some photos of my interests:
    In Florida mit Freunden 2004 / Home Exchange Sunibel Island with friends 2004
    Jun.A-Trainer der Horgner Handballer und Spieler /Coach and player of handball teams of Horgen
    Im Wildwest-Look mit Familie 1988 / Wild west look with family
    Diesellok vor dem Stollen mit P. Bächtiger Bergwerkverein Käpfnach Präs. 1982-94, seither Ehrenpräsident / president of honour of the visitor coal mine of Kaepfnach
    Gemeinderat Horgen 1994 /council of Horgen Zurich
    1995 am Toten Meer als Techn. Direktor Wasserball (Kappe) mit Schwimm-Nati-Trainer T. Ulrich / Director waterpolo Switzerland since 1993
    Gemeinderat 1986 - 1998, Ressort Liegenschaften, Jugend, Freizeit, Sport, Forst, Landwirtschaft /councillor of the town of Horgen (18'000 inhabitants)

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